Friday, June 12, 2015

Catching Up On UFOs

We have the most glorious tiger lilies in front of the garage.  My friend Gaye gave me a few lilies many years ago and now we have a mass.  They are in full bloom...catch them when you can.

I have also caught up with the unfinished quilts that have been blessing my sewing area for weeks.  They were bothering me enough that I couldn't do any other work in the area.  I had them all sandwiched and rolled, ready...but they kept getting in my way.  So I'd move them to this side...then move them to that side...and have to move them again.  So finally I gave in and quilted the dang thangs.

Each of these quilts are to be given to children of families who need help at Christmas in the Adopt-a-Family program at the Cascade campus of Portland Community College.
Fun at the beach
I did make start-to-finish a wall hanging for our nephew, who graduated from high school this week.  He is moving on to Temple University, majoring in Film and Media.  Such a talented young man!

I have made a wall hanging for every nephew and niece when they graduate from high school and leave for college.  I have now run out of them.  But when the time comes, I will make hangings for my grand nephews and nieces :)  Tradition is important.  

Not much happening in the way of fence-building nor plant moving.  Guess we wait.  Garage conversion plan is around first part of July.  Meanwhile, the beat goes on.



Island Woman MJ said...

And a fine beat it is! What a great tradition for your nieces and nephews, one that will grow in importance as they age. Well done!

Scrappy quilter said...

I agree great traditions for your nieces and nephews. Love your work.