Friday, June 26, 2015

And Now For Something Completely New!

Summer brings poppies simply to make me happy
They are starting to 
build a fence along the east side of our property today.  Yesterday they bought all the lumber for both the fence and to repair the deck.  Bet the Oregon pioneers had no idea how expensive this plentiful lumber would become!  The fence will be six feet tall for 106 feet, then lower down to four feet high for another 35 feet, and finishing off at two feet high for the 14 feet from the property line to the street.  It will be a simple cedar slat with a cap and will match the fence along the northern side of the yard.

Tomorrow the grounds guy will come and, with the help of Doug, move plants out of the way.  The beautiful rhododendrons behind the garage will be placed elsewhere in the yard, as will the lilies, azaleas from the side of the garage, as well as a small hedge that is in the way of the fence.  Doug was going to move the compost area over a few feet, but the fence guys got busy with that as well.  Too bad it will be the hottest day of the year...I hope they accomplish what they can before the heat gets too high.

Zoë all bathed and dog-shaking the water off.
Meanwhile, I am soon on the road again.  I'm heading south tomorrow morning to visit my mother and my sister.  Pup is going with me because she hates being away from me...and hates riding in the car...but hates being away from me more.   But even more, she hates being bathed.  Life is not as great for the dog as is for us :)


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