Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas News

We so rarely get snow that I just have to stand and look at it as it comes down. And come down it has for the past week. The airport was shut down for a while--that's how not used to this weather we are LOL. But my daughter in law and grandgirl were able to get home from Hawaii with only a 6 hour layover in San Francisco. During all this time, I never left the house. But I sewed and sewed and sewed...two dresses for my grandgirl, one nightie and one jammies with feet, three quilts for Project Linus, finished my son's quilt, and made some crazy quilt hot pads and hot mitt. I also made a cloth alphabet book for my neighbor's little one. I'm thinking I needed this break!

The cats had a good time as well. I fed the birds right outside the deck doors, mostly because I couldn't open the door any more than wide enough to put down a saucer. The cats sat there all day every day, watching the bird show. It was like Kitty TV. The next day the squirrels came also. Some gorgeous birds--robins and a orange/rust breasted bird about the size of a robin, possibly a thrush. This bird showed up a few years ago when we had a freeze and we fed the birds close by (I usually feed the birds out in the yard rather than the deck). In the process, four saucers became buried in the snow. As the snow has been melting yesterday and today, the layers of saucers are once again appearing.

No weigh in this week as the streets were still not drivable for me, especially at 6:30 am. Still eating well. Still making decisions. I ate more on Christmas day than I have been, but was so much less than "normal." Forgot to take a picture for my weekly pictures...I will try to remember to do this tomorrow :)

It really is about choices, learning how to make good ones. Learning when to let things pass. Learning how to pass up things, what to pass up when. Life is good. Three days with my grandgirl and my sons. Lots of good times. This is the Christmas news.


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Myra said...

Wow, look at that snow. We just have mud here. :o( I have been following all your sewing on the forum - you are something else with your garment skills. That grandgirl is very lucky to have you sew for her.