Friday, December 12, 2008

I went down down down and the flames went higher...

My weigh in today was a surprise. I dropped the water gain from the week before with a loss of .8 of a pound more. So between the two weeks, I lost almost a pound. This was, I must add, after goooooooing half the night from diuretics. I really want to get away from using diuretics but it is really too upsetting to be up 8 pounds one week and down 14 the next. So Thursday evenings I take the diuretics. For my soul :)

Now, I need to remember to make good choices. Choices that keep me satisfied so I don't go trolling for food. This is a big goal this week.

Today is also a special day...I am finished for the term and have until January 5 to play and relax and sew. Life is good :) I have a few projects to finish. I am making my mom, daughter-in-law and sister quilted hot pad mitts. I have the tops to figure out how to create the whole thing. But hey I have time now!

Other new projects:
  • ^I am also making my grandgirl a nightgown, sleeper (she likes feetsies in the sleepers, so I am making feetsies of course), and a dress. She selected the fabric and patterns. I selected the work.
  • ^I am making my daughter-in-law a beautiful old fashioned nightie, made with white fabric and lace. Very Victorian. She has seen the pattern but doesn't know I am making this for her.
  • ^And my son's queen-sized quilt has returned from the quilter, so I have the binding to do on that.
  • ^My neighbor's baby girl is getting an alphabet book from me, appliqued letters and objects (A/apple)

So I am more than able to stay happily busy this winter break. Check out the weekly pic...still showing a bit.

Also I decided not to get a perm for my hair. It has been difficult for me to change my hair...when I was a redhead, I had naturally curly hair. Now that I have let myself go grey, my hair has gone straight as a board. So for the first time in my life, I got a perm. It didn't hold long, so we did it again in smaller curlers. It held. The problem is I have to live with the Q-Tip head for about two weeks. And the smell nearly knocks me over, also for at least two weeks. So I just said fergetaboutit. We cut it differently so I can get used to the straight. Man who knew I so strongly identified with being a curly-haired redhead...

And so, yeah...the beat goes on.... peace~~~


Myra said...

Yeah you! Down is down no matter the amount. Enjoy your time off, sounds like you are going to be busy.

GARI said...

You know, you are looking younger. I'm sure it is a combination of weight loss and shorter hair, which is very nice. Have fun on your vacation and don't work too hard.