Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

Still singing. This time I am singing the snow song. Weather here in Portland has been a bit chilly lately. Down in the low teens some nights. since I am off for winter break, I so don't care!

This picture was taken a few years ago, but it looks pretty much the same. To get another one, I'd have to actually go outside. (ADDED NOTE: there is even MORE snow out there now. Drifts are as high as the tires of my car and temps are hanging around the high teens. Brrrrr. )
I've been too busy sewing to actually do that. Finished my son's quilt, made another quilt for Project Linus, made a sunhat for my grandgirl to wear in Hawaii and a new nightie for her as well. I have started a cloth alphabet book for my neighbor's little one. She just turned a year old last month.

And I have started one more quilt for Project Linus using the HSTs for a Depression Block swap of a few years ago on Delphi's Quilting With a Passion forum.

So the weather prevented me from weighing in this morning, but I FEEL smaller :) According to my own scales, I am down a few pounds. But I don't know how my scales compare to the "official" scales. I will make it a pound down on my graph and then next week I will be surprised at four! :)

No massage yet for my second 15 pounds. I made an appointment for last Tuesday but the therapist couldn't get down off the hill to come on. So we rescheduled for today. Again she couldn't get off the hill. So this will happen sooner or later. Meanwhile, the music plays on...

Check out weekly pic...see what you can see :)


Wilma NC said...

Looking good!! Hope the weather clears up a little so you can get your well deserved massage. By the way, love the quilt and hat.

GARI said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.