Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lethargism Sets in...

I have been so lethargic this week. Doug has been ill and I have been fighting his cold, I think. But I come home from school and sit. Sometimes I fall asleep while I am sitting. I don't feel like sewing. I don't feel like typing. I just sit. And sometimes nap :) Ha! Perhaps this is what it is like growing old...sitting and napping. I need a good solid rocker on the front porch. That way I can yell at the neighbor kids between napping as I sit.

selfportraitHere is a self-portrait that Kaity made when she visited me at school. She told me her hair was flying away from her head from running. I was impressed that she had given herself a neck. That was a new development. It reminds me of a story a colleague told me about her oldest boy. He drew a head and what appeared to be a neck, exactly as Kaity did in this picture. His aunt, who was studying to be a special ed teacher, told my colleague what a genius was the boy. He was such early development, drawing a neck on a figure. She went on and on, raving at his ability. So the mom took the picture to the son and asked him what the "neck" was on the head. "That's my legs," the son replied.

katspajamasThe week before I had tons of energy and made or finished quite a few projects. Every year my partner and I adopt a family for Christmas and if I have enough time, I made the family a quilt. This year the family is only a young daughter and a mother, so I made them both a quilt. I fell in love with this kitty. It is a pattern from Mary Lou & Company, called Kat's Pajamas.

The family we adopt is always a student at the college. This particular family just escaped from an abusive relationship and has very little. As is so common, the mother asked for things for her daughter, nothing for herself. We always ignore the request to not think of the mom... wickedeasy The mom's quilt was a Wicked Easy pattern--so simple. I believe this specific pattern is no longer available online. It is made with 12 fat quarters. I bought the FQs on a trip to the Oregon coast this summer. An online quilting friend came out from NC to visit and I took her to the coast :)

I have set up a massage for next Tuesday. Lethargic has meant not being as careful about what I eat, but I am going to get my reward massage in! I have been eating okay dokey...just not making the greatest choices. *sigh* This journey is not fun right now :)

And the beat goes on. peace~~


Myra said...

Hey, I still draw pictures like that little boy! Those quilts are wonderful, I know they will be so appreciated. Enjoy your massage - you deserve it!

Wilma NC said...

The families you adopt will never forget you because of the beautiful quilts you give them. You are a sweet person.

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