Sunday, December 28, 2008

If You Only Walk on the Sunny Side

I have lost about 40 pounds. I can see the changes in my face. I am feeling like I have accomplished a great deal. And then I see a picture and realize I still have massive amounts of weight to lose...and it makes me tired that there is this big job...big job.

And it's not about people loving me, nor wanting to spend time with me. The hard part is that sometimes I just want it easy. I just want to go to bed and miraculously wake up and find 25 pounds gone. And then the following week, go to bed...and do this for a month. And then just stay down at that weight forever and ever. Magically :)

So, wanting it easy and finding it discouragingly difficult at times, I want to give up. Let's be honest here...I see pictures of people who are overweight and they look just fine... So I think what the heck?

Okay, so I am on this journey to its destination and beyond, for The Journey is life. And at this moment this part is not the easiest. But I need to write down all the things I am experiencing and this is one of them.

If you only walk on the sunny side of the street, you will never reach your destination...



Debi said...

40 pounds is awesome, keep up the good work. OF course this has not been easy, but you are doing so well. You can do this!

Myra said...

I think your quote says it all "If you only walk on the sunny side of the street, you will never reach your destination..." A lot of things that are easy aren't worth having, keep that in mind. I want you around to gab online with for a long, long, time and getting healthy (which you are and doing awesome), and being able to run in the yard endlessly with that grandgirl is what this is all about. You are doing great and I so admire what you have been able to accomplish!

GARI said...

And you know that many people don't reach the 40# mark, let alone keep going. When I feel either discouraged or tired of doing it, I have to remember that I am creating a new lifestyle, not on a diet. And for me a new lifestyle is making good choices and eating right. You are doing great: Keet It Up!!

Wilma NC said...

Don't fret about it. You will get back on course. I gained 7 pounds from Thanksgiving til now and I blame it all on MIL and her incessant baking, lol.