Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Bit of This and That

I have been a bit busy lately, sewing when I can and wrapping gifts, shopping, wrapping more, sewing and then sitting, eating popcorn while I take a little break.  Right now I am on a kick of watching Medium.  Netflix are great for us who don't watch TV in prime time.
Mosaic windows
The mosaic porch windows are steady during the three heavy wind storms we have had so far this winter.  With winds over 60 mph and gusts over 100, I was worried that they wouldn't be safe.  So I took them down, but they were swinging just fine with no fear of breaking. The birdbath planter did fall over and crashed.  I like this as a planter, so I will look for another.  The bird cage I have hanging over the bath was knocked off the hanger, also.  A big breezy.

Quilted hanging for Mom
I made a hanging for my mother's door to her room in the nursing center,  The hanging was made from a beautiful block that was sent to me by LeAnn Weaver of Persimmon Quilts.  I simply put a frame of turquoise around it and quilted it.  I bought a cool 12" hanger for it also.  I know most people already have these hangers but I didn't and now I feel like a real quilter! ;)

Lastly I finished a book pillow for my grandgirl.  I followed someone's link to a picture of this and thought that it would be simple to make.  After this day, I have to rethink that idea.  This was a simple project that took me all day.  Yeppers, all day.  First, I found this 10" block I wanted to put on the pocket.  No instructions except measurements, but that ain't no thang.  First to find the right fabric in my scraps.  I didn't want to cut into stash if I didn't need to do so.  Kaity's favorite colors right now are black and hot pink, and teal.  

Pocket pillow for Kaity
I did have those colors, plus a fat quarter of black with white alphabet letters for the back.  The pink was stash, but it was perfect.  I cut the fabrics...wrong...had to cut again.  Then I thought to make half-square triangles the simple way (two pieces of fabric face-to-face and sewing 1/4 inch down a center line both sides).  Then I thought how smart I am! and sewed each piece again to get four cuts...oh wait, that was wrong.  Unsewed everything.  Resew and then LO AND BEHOLD I did the same thing again!  Frog stitched (rip-it! rip-it! rip-it) those puppies and then carefully sewed everything again.  This time I got it right *beamin with pride*

I had a pillow insert but how large to make the cover?  Went with my guess.  Sandwiched the pocket and started quilting it.  I chose teal thread on the black.  It looked gorgeous!  And then I hit the hot pink...not so pretty and I hesitated and the quilting went a bit wonky.  Of course, the teal quilting shows up much stronger than on the black (which is great!).  Oh well I can live with it.  And then stuffed in the pillow and of course, the new cover is a bit too large.  But it is squishy enough for now.  I like how it turned out.  And Kaity has two new books that will be in that pocket Christmas morning :)

Shopping all finished except one gift.  Everything wrapped.  Things going south on Christmas night are all packed.  Now I have time to finish the two quilt tops I started last week.


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Scrappy quilter said...

I love the little wall hanging. Such a wonderful gift.