Monday, December 08, 2014

Softest Flannel With a Cozy Fleece

Now that the Adopt-a-Family project is finished, I have started my newest project: a quilt for my mother for Christmas.  She doesn't like heavy.  Her favorite blankets have always been electric.  I tried giving her flannel sheets once.  Not a good idea.

warm flannel, soft fleece, easy pattern
So in her nursing center room, she can get very cold.  In fact her last roommate kept the air conditioner on high all the time because she was a hot person.  Mom always froze.  We brought her  one of her favorite afghans and she was happy.  It is soft and cuddly and apparently the first afghan she knitted way back when.  She has made hundreds of them since.

And what do you give someone who lives in a shared space that holds two beds and two bedside tables, with space for wheelchairs and walkers?  So I decided to make her a quilt.  It is flannel.  Soft wonderful flannel.  And I will put a fleece backing.  No batting to keep it light and soft and cuddly.  She loves bright so I chose flannels that are bright. tempered with warm browns and tans.  She likes modern, compared to my more traditional or crazy.  So the pattern I have selected is called "Ins and Outs," featured in the newest easy quilts magazine.  She will either use it or not.  But I am having fun making it, thinking that she can stay warm if she chooses.

poor winter-shocked hydrangea
On another note, I returned yesterday from a visit with my mom and sister.  My flight left at 6 am for home (hey!  It was $30 cheaper!), so I had to get up around 3 am in order to shower, get gas, return the car and make it through security.  I arrived home about the time Doug was waking up, so I had him take me to breakfast.  As we left the restaurant, I say this poor winterized hydrangea.  It looked so much like I felt with no sleep that I needed to bring it home with me somehow.  A photo was the best I could do. I did get an hour nap that afternoon.  Poor winter-shocked plant didn't get that nap.


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