Friday, December 12, 2014

It's Not Like That Anymore

I was at a Weight Watchers meeting last week.  The big discussion from before Thanksgiving until New Years is the food at parties and the temptations, the events, deciding our goals for the holidays.  And a few older members lamented they could no longer eat what they wanted and walk it off.  And the leader said, "Yes, accepting that we change as we age isn't easy.  We have to recognize it's not like that anymore."

It's not like that anymore.  Powerful statement in any aspect of life.  Accepting that change happens, has happened, is sometimes sad.  Sometimes happy.  Sometimes mixed blessings.

My mother used to make pumpkin bread every Christmas and mail it up to me.  It's not like that anymore.  We used to have long conversations every week or so.  It's not like that anymore.

I loved to drive across the states, leg up on the dash, singing at the top of my lungs with Bonnie Raitt, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen.  It's not like that anymore; fibromyalgia causes too much pain sitting long distance. I was a barefooted country-city girl.  I had an international student write a description of me in her English class.  She said "she walks on her feet," meaning I kick my shoes off while I teach.  It's not like that anymore; neuropathy foot pain makes it too painful to walk barefooted.
I decided not to give my mother the quilt I was making.  I remembered she doesn't really like using quilts.  She likes hangings, so I am making her a small hanging to go on her door.  And the quilt will go for the kids in the Adopt-a-Family project for 2015.  Here's the quilt so far.  I just need the 6" red border and then to quilt it.  

Things change and it's not like that anymore.
And the beat goes on...

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Wilma NC said...

I agree! My Kenzie always stays with me on Friday and sat nights. Saturday morning she woke up sick with a high temp, so I put her on the couch, gave her Tylenol, and made her tea and toast. She asked me why the tea and toast. I told her that my mom always made that for me when I was sick and it made me feel better. Not sure if it was the t&t that made me feel better, or the special attention I got. But like you say, it's not like that anymore. Telling her about my mom brought tears to my eyes and she asked why I was crying. I should have told her, because I'm sad it's not like that anymore. Love you and love your posts.