Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Old Dog, New Tricks

I recently went to a quilting, sewing and crafts fair.  I decided to go to one of the classes that was offered.  For $5, I could learn to do English Paper Piecing.  What fun!  This instructor's method was supposedly a "new and exciting" method.  Since I don't know the "old and boring" method, I have nothing with which to compare.  But here's how it works:

With notecard weight paper hexagons (we used hexagons), we lightly glued the fabric to the paper.  And then sewed them together to form the shape I wanted to make--Grandmother's Garden.  I made up 11 of them for my flight and time down to see my mom.  I finished five of them already.  I need new hexagon notecards!

In this process, I found a bunch of new favorite tools.  First, I have been wanting some Wonder Clips to try for binding.  I was going to ask Santa for some...but the fair happened first.  So I bought a package of 10.  Santa can get me the package of 50 :)  They are my newest favorite tool!  

And then I found this great little lap board.  It is specifically for applique, but useful for so many other things. The back is a fine sandpaper to keep the applique pieces in place; the front is slightly padded.  The instructor used a mini iron on it, even though the pad itself says they have no idea if it can be used for ironing.  I do want one of those cool mini irons that look exactly like a big girl iron but small.  Santa list!

The third thing is this needle threader!  Yay!  The regular needles are fine but applique needles can sometimes get the best of me.  This threader will do the trick.
This isn't me.  Just sayin

And there is one more thing.  I need a light when I travel because no one keeps their house bright enough to handsew anything.  I use an OTT light at home.  So I searched.  I bought a bendable necked focus light at IKEA.  While it was easy for travel, it's focused light is not the best.  And then *hearing the angels harmonize* I found a neck lamp that actually works!  It stays where you put it on your breast...just sits there happily lighting the sewing board on your lap.  

So far (six hours so far), this has been a good trip.  Mom is doing great--still loopy but healthy.  No fights with relatives yet.  Life is good.


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Lynn W. said...

I'm glad you found a new outlet for handwork. If it uses 2.5" squares let me know. I have 3 shoe boxes of strips and would be happy to share whatever kind of prints or plains you could use.