Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Shortest Day

There is something magical about Christmas lights.  Everyone wants to show off their tree and decorations.  I am no exception.  And I know my house isn't decorated fancily, but I love to sit in the dark and watch the lights blink and change and twinkle and show off their beauty.  In fact, I keep the window's string of lights up all year, faithfully plugging then in when I get up every morning.  In the summer I can't see them until about 10 pm, but I know they are there, showing off their colors.

I am leaving Christmas night to fly down to see my mom.  Doug isn't one to care about decorations and I know he will not be plugging in the lights for the tree while I am gone.  We have very different attitudes toward decorations.  We drove past a beautifully well-lighted house.  Every inch of the house was framed, the trees swirled, bushes sparkled, lawn touched with animals frolicing around the yard.  It was magical.  I gleefully laughed at the magic.  Doug said, "Wow, think of the electric bill for that house!"  I laughingly replied, "Oh Darlin, you have such the holiday spirit!"

Reveling in the holiday spirit, yesterday I took my grandgirl to see Mary Poppins at the Northwest Children's Theatre.  When she was a wee little one, she watched the movie every day for two or three years.  Actually she alternated between watching Mary Poppins and The Aristocats.  She loved flying kites and her father would take her out to fly them when weather permitted.  It was the full Broadway production, a bit different story than the Disney movie.  We loved it.

And so the magic of the shortest day of the year is upon us.  Today we will have only a bit less than eight and a half hours of daylight.  This means two delightful things.  First, it means that summer is rushing to meet us again!  And most importantly, it means I have a bit longer to sit and watch the lights blink and change and twinkle and show off their beauty.

Happy Winterfest!

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Lynn W. said...

Twinkle twinkle little lights. I, too, love to look at our tree lighted in a dark room. It's not unusual to see a cat curled up enjoying the warmth.

On the other hand, it's one day closer to your beloved summer. ;-)