Monday, December 01, 2014

It's the Adopt-a-Family Season!

Quilts for the kids in the families who are "up for adoption" this year
Every year my quilting friends and I support Portland Community College's Cascade campus Adopt-a-Family program.  This program is cool.  A person or a group of people, or even an entire division can adopt one of the families who applied and was selected to have a merry Christmas.  The student organization, ASPCC, has had this program for many years.  I used to adopt a family each year, making sure the mother and the children all received a quilt from me.  When I could no longer afford to give the one family the type of Christmas I thought they needed, I decided to make the children of the families quilts.  

The first year I was able to make maybe 10 quilts for the children.  I allowed the organization to hand them out as they saw fit.  I mentioned I had done this in my quilting forum, The Quilting Bee on Delphi forums, and soon others in the forum wanted to participate.   The next year we had perhaps 50 percent of the children covered.  And every year since we have had a quilt for every child under the age of 20.

This year there were 23 families with 62 children.  Each child under 20 years old received a quilt.  There were five kids over age 19; they received a pillowcase.  Some of the younger children received a pillowcase as well.  There was one pregnant mother (as listed).  We had a little preemie quilt that I gave to her.

A special thanks goes out to my wonderful generous friends: Peggy Trickler, Jan Munson, Cathy Berg, Sharon Gretz, Kathy Yount, Leslie Peterson, Val Bradley, Lynn Wingard, and Wilma Young.  To see these beautiful and delightful quilts, check out this website: AAF 2014.


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