Saturday, October 04, 2008

The first week was a great simple exciting week. I followed the program and paid attention. It didn't matter that I had been here before. It mattered that I was now determined to follow through to the end.

Since I ride the bus every morning (unless I have a late meeting or an appointment after classes), I decided to make my lunches the night before and simply grab it all before I run out the door. I catch the bus at 6:45...running out the door is necessary if I don't want to stand around the bus stop in the pouring rain for long periods of time. But it worked out. It even worked out one day to put dinner in the crockpot. I have to work this out better. But I definitely planned my meals well.

Dropped 11 pounds that first week. I have over 100 pounds to lose--closer to 150 to be more exact. Losing 11 pounds for the first week is rewarding and exciting. But not unheard of...percentage-wise it is a drop in the bucket. But I was happy.

I wasn't as confident the second week. Now understand that usually by the second week I am already thinking I need to wear something lighter so that I weigh in better. But my resolve was not to think about what I wore and just go. I have one skirt that I wear more than any other and it is a heavy denim. I am going to wear it each week until it falls off...I have resolved that I would follow this program without trying to manipulate the scales.

So I found myself not as confident the second week. I was trying to explain this feeling to my partner the night before weigh-in. I knew I had followed the program just fine, writing everything down, eating what I needed but making good choices. But I just felt I had eaten too much because I was full all the time. In fact, I could have eatten less rather than eating all the points. But we are encouraged to eat all the pounts or else we will start feeling hungry and grab less interesting choices...because those cookies are there :)

So when I went Friday morning (just yesterday!) to weigh-in again I was pleased to see I had lost another three pounds.

The challenge this week is to have dinner meals ready to toss into the crockpot before I run for the bus. I have them all planned out--the what not necessarily the when, some lunches planned as well. I love this cookbook I have called Fix it and Forget It Lightly. The link I have for this book is a blog cookbook review. Great book. Good food. And low points for many.

Happy week!

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Debi said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my givewaway. After reading your blog, I am going to call WW tomorrow to see if they have a meeting in the city I work around lunchtime. It would be easier than trying to go to an evening meeting.