Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am trying to really pay attention to everything I am doing along this journey and am finding some interesting things. First, I can't tell if I have lost just by how I feel. I knew I had lost last week but didn't feel like I had this week. Oh I knew I had made good choices and stayed on points but it just didn't feel like I had lost anything. But I did--2.5 pounds for a total of 24. So going by how I feel isn't a good indicator of weight loss.
Another thing is that I am glad my week begins on Saturday for I have had something special on Friday for the past three weeks. Three weeks ago my dean had a get-together for the faculy and staff. Last week I made brunch for a retreat with my department. Last night was the celebration of Doug's birthday, Each week I planned what I was going to eat in a general way and saved up exra points for the event. And by weighing in on Friday morning I don't have to worry about fluid retention the next day if I eat things a bit richer than normal.

And lastly, this is the first week that I have not been able to see a change in my weekly picture. But good thing I have them going because I really CAN see changes as I go along.
My grandgirl stayed the night last night and today we are going to the Pumpkin Patch to find the best pumpkin. Then we will come home and carve that big guy before she goes home. I have been missing my girl as the remodeling of the bathroom has prevented her from staying with us all summer.


Myra said...

I'll keep cheering for you - you go girl! Ya'll have fun at the pumpkin patch, sounds like a blast to me.

Debi said...

Great job, keep up the good work Dori.

GARI said...

I was born and raised in Portland, belong to WW, and quilt. Although I am now in AL, I continue to feel and call myself as an Oregonian. My aunt used to teach at Cascade College, now closed, and my father graduated from Lewis & Clark. And to make us even more alike, my husband teaches Speech, Drama, and English at a community college. Cheers!