Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay I was up. Really up. Three pounds up. My body fluctuates at times. Usually it is up maybe eight pounds of fluid and my feet are like little piggy feet. But the doctor and I have a good hold on controling the fluid and I was up only three pounds. Only slightly swollen ankles and fingers.

I knew that any loss I had would not show up on the scales. This one I could feel. But I still felt like crying when I saw it up so high. And even though I knew it was not what I was doing, but my body...I still felt like crying. Even though my weekly picture shows the change.

It is all about the journey. Part of this journey is watching what my body is doing in response to changes. If I keep my eyes on the journey, I will be okay. But the near-tears tell me it is hormones. I have no control over hormones. I have no control over my body's need for fluid. And I have no control over what the scales report.

I do have control over what I choose to eat. I do have control over how I respond to things. I do have control over living this life joyfully and fully.

My grandgirl is with us again tonight. We answered the door and gave away candy to all the trick-or-treaters. We searched for the hidden pictures in a new book. She fell asleep against my chest.

And with that, my friends, life jes don't get no better. Peace~~


Myra said...

The pictures do tell the story not necessarily the scale. You are right - spending time with those you love and having the little one fall asleep jes don't get no better! Keep on keeping on girlfriend!

Debi said...

Keep up the good work, and please don't let a small setback get your spirits down. Like you say, it is all about the journey.

BethE said...

Don't get discouraged, it will be worth it!

Wilma NC said...

You can really tell the weight loss in your pictures. Keep it up.