Friday, October 17, 2008

What a week! I was home ill for a couple of days. Sure seems like a small 24 hour bug used to take less than 24 hours to get back to snuff. But now I have hit that place where it takes a bit longer. I was still tired on Monday night so I stayed home on Tuesday as well. Slept in and did okay. By Wednesday I was back to normal. My students were so happy I was off...speeches were suppose to begin Monday and Tuesday. They all got a day of reprieve.

So weighed in this morning. Before weigh in, I had to start cooking for an eight-person brunch that was happening in my house at 8:30 this morning. My department, Performing Arts department. We decided to have a retreat. We had two major projects to get out of the pen and I thought making them breakfast at my place would be the best idea. Gawd I love these people. Such a handfull of creativity and fun. We talked and laughed and talked and laughed. We even got the work finished, although I had to leave them all because I had another appointment at 1:30. Asked them to shut the door behind themselves and ran off! Some stayed and cleared up the dished and put the food away. Good people :)

So anyway, I made a full brunch: biscuits and sausage gravy, quiche, fruit, danish, juice, coffee. And of course Diet Pepsi :) Delish! And I planned it all out so I could eat's all about portion control. And I still have some extra points for this week...this week that is over in a few hours.

But first I had to weigh in. Was I surprised to drop another 8 pounds! And those weekly pics are starting to look different :) That is a total of 21.5 pounds! Amazingly good job if I do say so myself *pat pat pat*

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Debi said...

Way to go Dori, good job. Eight pounds since last weigh in a almost 22 pound overall...great job.