Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have been really hungry the past two days and, while staying within my points overall, I have been eating more points. I usually stay on the lower end of points and now I am eating all my daily points plus parts of my weekly points.

I know part of the problem is that I am still not remembering to bring something to eat on the ride home from work. I just keep forgetting and I am really hungry after eating lunch somewhere between noon and 1:30 all the way until about 6:00 for dinner.

Another reason possibly is that I may be missing something from my diet and it is catching up with me. I don't eat a great deal of protein as compared to veggies. I eat black beans and tofu more than chicken and fish. And while they are filling and stick with you longer, perhaps I need to add more protein.

Another possibility is that I am having a hormone moment. I get this thing with hormones where I can't seem to get full, no matter how much I eat. I retain fluid like crazy in the same process. I am holding more fluid...maybe this is part of the hormone dump.

And the last possibility is that I haven't been eating all my points. Perhaps my body is just hungry because I ain't eating enough, period.

Whatever...I am hungry and trying to stay focused. I will make sure every day that I have a snack in my bag to eat on the way home, and have low-point dinners for a while so I can eat more and still stay within my point area. Ohhhh taco salad. Lots of lettuce and salsa, filling and low points overall :)

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GARI said...

thanks for the nice words about my latest quilt. As for WW, I was up this week. but my weight fluctuates A LOT. It will hit a low point and then bounce up 4-5# and then slowley work it's way down to the low point. Usually I don't hit the up part on weigh-in day but did this week. I have lost 41# since April: my daughter just hit 50#. And we, especially she, are due for new clothes. ;-)